AMAZON Retail (Vendor) buys your products at agreed conditions, stores your stock and takes care of everything else: from shipping and pricing to customer service and handling customer returns. You would like to know the advantages and disadvantages of this model or how to become an AMAZON Vendor? Please contact us!


AMAZON sellers are third party suppliers such as wholesalers and retailers who sell products on the AMAZON Marketplace. AMAZON sellers use either the own dispatch FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) or the AMAZON logistics system FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) for logistics. Would you like to become a seller? We would be pleased to support you!

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Seller / Vendor Central Management

You want to start from scratch at Amazon and need help opening and setting up your account? Or do you need help with management? We would be happy to help you and manage your account with you. No matter if vendor or seller.

Brand Registry

To switch to Amazon Sponsored Brands and create a Brand Store, you must register your brand on Amazon. We will be happy to assist you with this, arrange the registration and deal with Amazon support.

Content- and A+/EBC-Optimization

To be successful on the Amazon platform, it is important that your products are optimized. For this, extensive keyword research and analysis of the competitors is necessary. We support you here, screen all your competitors and adapt your content to the search behaviour of the consumers.

We optimize titles, twisters, bullet points, product descriptions, as well as A+ or Enhanced Brand Content. In doing so, we do not only attach importance to the correct use of keywords, we also take into account the different representations on the end devices (mobile & desktop).


We keep an eye on your products in order to immediately counteract impairments by the Amazon algorithm. So that you never lose sight of the development of your products, we create monthly reports on the different areas in which we support you.


We would be happy to support you in setting up your AMS dashboard, place a wide variety of campaigns for you and provide you with a monthly overview. We regularly optimize your campaigns to get the best out of them.


The AMG – Amazon Media Group service is only offered to vendors. Here display campaigns are placed by an external Amazon agency. The aim is to increase the brand awareness.

Externer Traffic

External traffic can be switched to your product, which is listed on Amazon. Together with you, we create a concept for the placement of your product on different channels, such as social media. Of course we also take over the implementation of our concept and optimize it continuously.

Customer Management

The interaction with your customers is an absolute must, but also incredibly complex and time-consuming. So that you don’t have to worry about it in your daily business, we take care of answering questions and support you in getting good ratings. After all, a good interaction with the buyers on Amazon is essential.

File Management

Interacting with Amazon can be a tiresome undertaking. It takes forever to make desired changes to the product, often up to three or four mails on a topic have to be sent to Amazon until the desired change is finally made by Amazon. So that you do not have to expose yourself to this, we will gladly take over the file management for you.

Brandstore Management

With the Brand Store, you can give your customers a completely different brand feeling than is the case on the product detail pages. You can create the store along the lines of your own website or try a completely different design. We work with you to build a concept, develop the Brand Store structure, content and graphics.

Strategic Consultation

Full Service Package

However, if you are interested in a complete package for support on Amazon, you can of course also take advantage of our Full Service Package and receive all the above services all together.


With our workshops we want to give you an insight into the world of Amazon. We would be pleased to arrange them at your company or invite you to our premises. As you like it. If you would like to learn more about Amazon privately or independently of your company, you can participate in one of our regular accomplice workshops.

All our services are of course available to you on a project-based basis as well as continuously accompanying your product or brand. more>>








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